Investment strategy

Ina Invest is looking to achieve further growth. For this reason, and in addition to other measures, parts of the profits generated by the sale of condominiums are reinvested in new real estate – with new funds that are also needed for such purchases added to that investment. Ina Invest is seeking to achieve an average acquisition volume in the region of CHF 50 million per annum.

Ina Invest is positioning itself as a sustainability pioneer and plans to build up an attractive portfolio of properties with an expected return well above the market average. At the same time, an above average development ratio will be maintained, enabling shareholders and investors to benefit from added value even at the start of a project.

The growth-oriented strategy is being implemented through the expansion of the existing portfolio, continuous acquisitions using local expertise and the utilisation of the extensive Implenia network. Access to numerous and attractive sources of funding, including the public capital markets, will make it possible for Ina Invest to rapidly expand its business.

The continuously decreasing risk profile at Ina Invest is the result of strong portfolio diversification, operational excellence and a lean fixed-cost base. This is supported by condominium sales that in turn support the apartment development model.

Key aspects of the investment strategy

Ina Invest has a portfolio of high-quality real estate projects in prime locations. The projects are well spread out regionally across the cities of Zurich, Winterthur, Baar, Basel, Neuchâtel, Lausanne and Geneva. Moreover, the selected development projects have a balanced mix of uses, and four of these projects are also now ready for execution.

As at 31 December 2020, the market value of the portfolio amounted to approximately CHF 366 million – and more than CHF 1 billion upon completion of the individual properties. In addition, the portfolio will grow through further land acquisitions in the amount of around CHF 50 million per annum to achieve an anticipated value of approximately CHF 2 billion in 2027. The expected return on equity for Ina Invest Ltd., after a ramp-up phase, will be above average, amounting to between 6% and 8%.

Acquisition strategy

  • Solid implementation of the growth strategy
  • Ina Invest plans to expand its development portfolio through acquisitions worth CHF 50 million per annum
  • Mixed-use buildings
  • Focus on residential buildings
  • Other uses can include office buildings, for example
  • New acquisitions must be compatible with the vision of operating the most sustainable real estate portfolio in Switzerland
  • Preliminary review of each new investment on the basis of the Implenia ESG evaluation GeNaB©
  • Throughout Switzerland
  • Focus on attractive urban regions
  • Selected agglomerations with good public transport connections
Contact for property owners
If you are interested in selling a property, please contact us by sending an e-mail to
nach oben

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