New sustainable approaches in the Swiss real estate industry

Ina Invest is an independent Swiss real estate company that develops sustainable spaces to live, work and relax in, with a focus on hybrid real estate that ensures long-term flexibility of use and profitability. Ina Invest, which was created as a spin-off from Implenia, now has one of the largest and most high-potential development portfolios on the Swiss market.

We plan to establish a high-quality asset portfolio from the real estate projects that have been transferred to our company from Implenia. We also plan to continue making acquisitions in order to maintain an above-average development ratio and grow further. Real estate throughout Switzerland is generally of high quality in terms of location and can also be used in a variety of ways, whereby mixed-use development tends to focus on residential use. Transparent cooperation with Implenia ensures we can benefit from the expertise of the leading Swiss construction and construction services company.

Through the holistic incorporation of sustainability aspects into the development and management of our portfolio, we seek to meet the highest standards of sustainability throughout all phases of the value chain – with the vision of maintaining and continuously developing one of the most sustainable real estate portfolios in Switzerland.

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