New, sustainable approaches in the Swiss real estate industry

Ina Invest is an independent Swiss real estate company that develops sustainable spaces to live, work and relax in, with a focus on hybrid real estate that ensures long-term flexibility of use and profitable utilisation. Listed on the Swiss stock exchange since 2020, Ina Invest now has one of the largest and most high-potential development portfolios on the Swiss market.

High-quality real estate portfolio with constant growth

From the real estate projects transferred by Implenia, we are developing a high-quality property portfolio and pushing forwards with acquisitions so as to maintain an above-average rate of development and ensure further growth. The real estate of Ina Invest is located in high-quality locations across Switzerland and exhibits a differentiated mix of uses with a focus on residential properties.

Environmentally conscious, courageous and future-oriented

In developing and managing our portfolios, we meet the highest standards thanks to the holistic incorporation of sustainability aspects across all phases of our value chain – with the vision of maintaining and further developing one of Switzerland’s most sustainable real estate portfolios. In the process, we take into account the needs of the people of today and tomorrow and structure our portfolio to cater to contemporary lifestyles. Environmentally conscious, courageous and future-oriented.

Driven by a clear mission

We are connived that real estate can only be profitable in the long run if its development, execution and operation is systematically geared towards the needs of present and future generations and follows the highest ecological principles.

Our vision? We want to maintain and continuously develop one of the most sustainable real estate portfolios in Switzerland.

Flexible and agile

Ina Invest relies on a lean operational structure and a powerful network of strategic partners. Thanks to the transparent cooperation with Implenia, we benefit from the expertise of the leading Swiss construction and property service provider.

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Ina Invest acts consistently in line with its values

Environmentally conscious

We develop, execute and operate sustainable spaces to live, work and relax in. In the process, we follow the highest ecological principles, especially with respect to the reduction of our environmental emissions. 


We communicate regularly and openly, justify our decisions and ensure that all stakeholders are always well informed and aware of relevant issues.


We create win-win situations by practising partnership, being honest and reliable, acting in a respectful manner and meeting our obligations to all stakeholders. 


We are committed to maintaining a portfolio of the highest quality across the entire life cycle of our real estate. This excellence manifests itself in the company’s value creation and thus in the performance it provides for its shareholders.


We see ourselves as pioneers and want to set the standard for the development, execution and operation of sustainable real estate. We create space for new ideas and innovations and focus on providing long-term solutions that will last for both present and future generations. 

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