New sustainable approaches in the Swiss real estate industry

Ina Invest is setting the tone in the Swiss real estate industry with unique new approaches. We create residential, working and living spaces that are consistently developed, executed and operated in line with the highest environmental principles.

Sustainability of the highest calibre

We apply the highest sustainability standards in the development, execution and operation of our projects.

Added value for our investors

We offer our investors outstanding prospects with substantial value appreciation potential and an attractive return on investment.

Continuous growth

We are implementing our growth strategy through continuous acquisitions and the rapid further development of our existing portfolio.

Strategic partnership with Implenia

Our partnership with Switzerland’s leading construction and construction services company enables us to access the Implenia network and call upon proven expertise in the development and execution of construction projects.

“We are proud of the fact that with Ina Invest we have created a new and modern publicly listed company that we are convinced offers tremendous potential. We are looking forward to exploiting this potential together with our investors and partners and to making Ina Invest a success story.”

Marc Pointet, CEO
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