Diversified and attractive – our portfolio is geared to the needs of the people of today and tomorrow

Ina Invest’s portfolio includes properties in prime locations that put people centre stage. The entire portfolio is developed, implemented and continuously expanded in line with the most stringent sustainability criteria. 

836 CHFm

Current market value

291'684 m²

Floor space at completion1

2'411 CHFm

Market value at completion1

0.5 CHFm

Total portfolio growth 2022
over the last 12 months

1 According to an independent valuation by Wüest Partner from 31 December 2023, plus the effect of Lokstadt halls, plus prepayments, minus open purchase commitments. 

Real estate for the future

With our sustainable real estate and district development projects, we create new ways of working and living and thus help to ensure a liveable, diverse and inspiring future for everyone.

Highest quality

The independent valuation by Wüest Partner rated the great majority of our portfolio as “top properties”. The criteria employed here included macro and micro-location and how the properties are utilised. The portfolio thus achieved a total score of 4.1 on a scale of 1-5 (5 = highest quality, 1 = lowest quality).

Portfolio split by type of use

Portfolio split by region

The portfolio mix reflects the property values on completion.

Continuous growth thanks to a far-sighted investment strategy

Ina Invest wants to grow continuously and is targeting an average acquisition volume of around CHF 50 million per year. To achieve our goals, we are expanding our existing portfolio all the time, continuously acquiring new projects and taking advantage of Implenia’s local expertise and far-reaching network. 

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Continuous growth in portfolio value

The value of our portfolio continues to increase even in the current challenging market environment, confirming the high quality, outstanding locations and well-diversified utilisation of our properties.

En route to one of the most sustainable real estate portfolios in Switzerland

We conform to the most stringent sustainability standards and have committed to an ambitious decarbonisation strategy. In all phases of our projects, we take care to ensure respectful and careful use of natural resources. 

Our sustainability strategy

Ina Invest puts people centre stage

Ina Invest develops sustainable, hybrid space for living and working that places the needs and lifestyles of the people of today and tomorrow centre stage. 

More about Ina Invest

Want to sell a property?

We want to keep on growing and are continuously expanding our portfolio. If you would like to sell a property, our acquisition team will be happy to check whether it meets our investment criteria. Please e-mail us at info@STOP-SPAM.ina-invest.com - we look forward to hearing from you.

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