People and society

Ina Invest puts people at the forefront in every respect – from the planning stage to the completion of a project. Considerations of current and future sociocultural needs is a major concern for us in every phase of the project.

GRI 3-3, 206, 406

Ina Invest has recorded its fundamental values as a responsibly operating company in the Code of Conduct: environmental awareness, transparency, excellence, partnership and vision. The Code regulates behavioural norms in the workplace as well as attitudes towards business partners, authorities, and the environment. The Code of Conduct constitutes an integral component of employment contracts and external service provider agreements. It is always presented for signing and is therefore equally binding for employees and external partners.

Additional Integrity Guidelines put the provisions of the Code of Conduct in concrete terms with regards to corruption and bribery. They contain binding behavioural obligations, which help prevent and actively combat corrupt practices and attempted bribery. Ina Invest expects employees and external partners to comply strictly with the laws and guidelines.

Compliance-related incidents will be dealt with by a Compliance Officer in close collaboration with the CEO and Board of Directors of Ina Invest. So far, no compliance-related incidents have occurred since the establishment of Ina Invest. Please refer to the Corporate Governance Report for more information on compliance, integrity and ethics.

GRI 403

To reinforce its responsibility for occupational safety, Ina Invest requires the adoption of Health & Safety principles for safe, healthy working conditions by external joint venturers, especially in execution and operation. It also requires joint venturers to provide active training programmes to raise awareness of these principles on building sites, and to report accidents promptly and analyse why they happened. Each project must have a safety concept based on defined procedures, measures and responsibilities which can be presented on request. We also require strict compliance with national labour laws in terms of occupational physiology, occupational hygiene and ergonomics as well as appropriate occupational insurance. Operational facilities and workflows must be designed in such a way that risks to health and overexploitation of employees can be prevented wherever possible.




1. I look out for myself and my colleagues. If in doubt, I say STOP!


2. I only start work once I have assessed all risks and eliminated them.


3. I always wear the statutory personal protective equipment (PSA).


4. I comply strictly with the zero-tolerance policy regarding alcohol and drugs.


5. I take exhaustion and stress seriously.


6. I report all incidents immediately and inform my colleagues.

Our goal:

With each project, we seek to achieve a high degree of comfort by banking on high standards in terms of daylight, air quality and thermal comfort.

GRI 3-3, 416

We would like to offer users of our real estate the highest standards of convenience and comfort. Here, for example, we consider the careful selection of environmentally friendly building materials to avoid carcinogenic emissions (see Pollutants chapter) and optimise a project in terms of daylight, air quality and thermal comfort.

Our understanding of well-being also includes safety. We attach great importance to the fact that our properties are developed, executed, and operated in accordance with the highest safety standards. It goes without saying that we observe the applicable provisions governing fire protection, building services, stair safety, lifts, and burglaries.

Our goals:

Through our projects, we seek to contribute to the sociocultural and demographic mix at the respective location and take account of the local municipalities’ relevant aims and strategies by participating in their processes.

We make users of our buildings aware of sustainability topics and encourage them to discuss these matters.

GRI 3-3,  413

With each project we try to make a contribution to the local community. We therefore focus on a significant sociocultural and demographic mix, which is absolutely crucial both for the integration of minorities as well as the diversification of our investment risks.

Big projects that influence the environment in which many people live and work, can affect local social and cultural life as well as demographics. We therefore pay attention to local circumstances when defining the way in which a project will be used and take account of the objectives and strategies pursued by municipalities and local institutions. Thanks to flexible structures, we are also able to continually adapt our buildings and the ways in which they are used to local developments and tenants’ needs even once execution is complete.


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